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Zakir Naik Clears The Air On Sex With Female Slaves In Islam

Zakir Naik is annoying.
Not just because he’s poisoning the minds of young impressionable children and is a terrorist supporter.

But because he wears goofy sized suits.
Like seriously couldn’t one of his handlers take him to a tailor and have them make better fitting suit for him with pants that go past his ankles?

And also his accent is difficult for me to understand and he has a lisp ontop of that, from now on can every video of him be included with subtitles?

That’s enough lighthearted stuff, lets get to the beef of this video where he advocates sex slavery because Islam permits it.

Normally for a poor muslim man who cannot afford the dowry demanded by the father of a proper muslim woman (because paying your in laws for a their female child’s hand in marriage that doesn’t have any subtext) then he should marry a slave girl and give her freedom and something I can’t understand, strong accent and lisp.

So according to this man, he thinks after you have destroyed a terrified girl’s homeland and her family that she’s going to want to have you as her husband. Makes logical sense, it’s all consensual after marriage. I’m being sarcastic, please don’t think I actually agree with his “logic”.

Oh and of course Muslim women cannot marry the male slaves.
I mean the thought of an inferior race fathering a child through a Muslim mother.

And next he goes on to justify slavery because reasons of relative privation.

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This man is the embodiment of why taking Islam literally and trying to impose it as a world view to govern people (Islamism) is a horrible and dangerous idea.

And what really annoys me is that he has a large following.
He’s like Anjem Choudary but with less articulation and a goofy looking suit so people don’t think his messages are as dangerous, coupled with the fact that hes incoherent.

-Riz Rashid

  • Aisha (Islam is peace)

    At least he invites everyone even the none believers and never in his preaching has he insulted the none believers and he respects Jesus PBUH in fact he calls his name with respect…. So why are u hating on him