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Liberals Need To Start Being Liberals

As an atheist, I hold this opinion that religious people are irrational at best and delusional at worse about their relationship with a sky wizard and if I didn't I would be lying to you and to myself. In fact, I think one of the prerequisites of being atheist is the

Secular Schools Must Observe Secularism

Translation: "To encourage young students to go for Friday Prayers, the teachers made a public announcement in the school hall in the morning for all Muslim students to gather. The teachers also prepared Sarongs for those in shorts and walked with the students to the mosque. The Vice-Principal who is not

CEMSG addresses ExNMP Calvin Cheng’s views

To Mr. Calvin Cheng It's come to our attention at CEMSG that you are advocating the killing of the children of parents who subscribe to an extremist ideology, more specifically the Islamist ideology. Here at CEMSG, we understand the importance of keeping Islamism and other radical religious ideologies at bay and that

Officially Renouncing Islam in Singapore | FAQs

  1. How can you renounce Islam officially?  Two ways : Long version and Short Version Long version : call MUIS to make appointment. They will try to counsel you first. Some cases never at all. State your reason why you want to renounce. Then they will say "you will not get any

The Taboo of Apostasy In Singapore

I've had a few people asking me why it's such a big deal for ex-muslims to come out. It really shouldn't be a big deal for a person to lose their faith or convert to another religion. But within Muslim Communities, It's still a very big taboo. Photo from BBC. Niloy Neel was murdered

Zakir Naik Clears The Air On Sex With Female Slaves In Islam Zakir Naik is annoying. Not just because he's poisoning the minds of young impressionable children and is a terrorist supporter. But because he wears goofy sized suits. Like seriously couldn't one of his handlers take him to a tailor and have them make better fitting suit for him with pants that go past

What It Means To Be An Ex-Muslim

If you had ask me this question, even five or eight years after the tragic events of 9/11, I would have said “It means nothing, there’s really no difference between being a Muslim and a Ex-Muslim” but lately, this isn’t the case anymore, being apathetic to current events especially those