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Secular Schools Must Observe Secularism

“To encourage young students to go for Friday Prayers, the teachers made a public announcement in the school hall in the morning for all Muslim students to gather. The teachers also prepared Sarongs for those in shorts and walked with the students to the mosque. The Vice-Principal who is not a Muslim also knows about this gathering of students and did not stop the teachers. May Crest School prosper in having such religious understanding such as this”

While on the surface, this seems like harmless activity organized by the Muslim teachers at Crest Secondary School​ we have to keep in mind that apostasy in Islam even in Singapore is taboo.

Many of the Ex-Muslims in our group started questioning the faith in our teenage years, myself, I stopped being a practicing Muslim at around 13 and stopped considering myself as a Muslim at 16 but for all intents and purposes I maintained the charade of being a Muslim while I was questioning the faith and when I had finally apostatized, I’d imagine if there was a student in the school in my shoes this outing would be difficult for them and imagine how a closeted Ex-Muslim parent trying to raise their son as irreligious would feel if they found out their son was pressured into going for prayers by their peers through shaming tactics.

Crest Secondary School is a Secular school and should uphold secular values, the religiosity of its students is of no business to the teachers.

We’ve contacted the Principal of Crest Secondary School, Mr. Fredrick Yeo, who has assured us that he’ll speak to the teachers about the matter.

CEMSG, wishes to thank Mr. Fredrick Yeo for taking our concerns into consideration and we hope an incident like this does not repeat itself in other secular government schools.

-Riz Rashid