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Xenophobes, We are not your Shield

which is muslim

Just had the displeasure of talking to bigots who don’t understand how discrimination works.

Allow me to explain.
Which ones of these 3 men are Muslims?
If you don’t know who they are, just by looking at them.
Are you sure you can tell that Faisal Saeed Al Mutar​ not a Muslim out of this line up or did you assume the ginger is a non muslim because hes the odd one out and everyone with “common sense” knows that Muslims only come in a shade of brown like Zakir Naik, therefore by association, Faisal being another brown man is a Muslim despite being the president of Global Secular Humanist Movement​ and having come public with his apostasy.

Assuming that brown people are Muslims is as flawed and moronic as saying that white people are Christians. Religion and Ethnicity are not the same thing nor does one’s ethnicity determines one’s religion.

This is why ex-Muslims like us have a problem with when you idiotic bigots try to hold us up as examples for your anti muslim bigotry and back up Trump with his stupid statement of closing the gates for Muslims or calling the refugees “rapefugees”. You want to ban someone from entering a country for holding an ideology, I don’t agree with this because this is an infringement of the freedom of movement but if I was to entertain this thought exercise and agree with you, we should ban people who hold certain ideologies from entering certain countries, how do you know a person subscribes to that ideology?

Should we make these people wear markers, like instead of a yellow star of David, have them wear yellow crescent moon and star? No, why? Because that be too close to an event in history where we clearly know it’s racism.

Yes it’s racism, because you’re racially profiling people as Muslims because you have no way to identify someone other than making a guess that if they come in a certain shade of brown from a certain location of the world that they’re Muslims, simply because of their ethnicity.

I have to deal with this nonsense in my own country where people assume I’m a Muslim because of my ethnicity because according to wikipedia 99.6% of Malays in Singapore are Muslim when in reality, Islam in Singapore is on the decline the only problem is not many Ex-Muslims go through the official process of renouncing their Faith because of Sharia, specifically the one regarding inheritance called Faraid which is an insidious means by which they blackmail you into keeping your religious status or have your right to your parents will infringed.

And speaking about officially renouncing one’s Islamic status, there are 13 countries whereby doing so will get you executed, so Ex-Muslims in these countries cannot even renounce and are officially branded as Muslims by their governments. Fastest growing religion indeed.

So tell me, without any means of identifying who is Muslim and even when official government records cannot be trusted to ensure that an individual is a Muslim or not, how would you tell if someone is a Muslim, other than the way they look and speak?

Would you like to take a look at my lack of foreskin?
I assure you, Muslims aren’t the only ones who mutilate the genitals of their children, Jews and even non religious Americans do it too.

And for all the flack that Ex-Muslims have to put up with in Islamic countries, there are Muslims who empathize with us and are sick and tired of the increasing fundamentalism known as Islamism and they themselves want to see reform, their communities becoming more secular and religion having no political or social power.

And when bigots start trying to use us Ex-Muslims as shields to defend and deflect criticism of your own anti Muslim bigotry, the only people you are hurting are the dissenting voices in the Muslim communities who are advocating for reform of the political and societal nature of Islam.

And Ex-Muslims like me, do not appreciate your brand of bigotry tarnishing the work we do both in Muslim communities and outside of Muslim communities advocating the right to freedom of religion by branding the entirety of Muslim men as rapey, savage and uncivilized as there are Muslim men who find this sort of practice unacceptable, yeah I know advocating against rape and sexual violence is not unique to non Muslims, what a surprise.

Let me just make this perfectly clear for you.
Ex-Muslims are not your allies in your bigotry and xenophobia.
If you didn’t know we were ex-muslims, you would fling that same vitriol you hold towards brown people at us because we look the same as them as there is no discernible way to identify the religious ideology of an individual person, so you lower it down to the lowest common denominator, ethnicity.

If you want to be a bigot and xenophobe, fine by me.
OWN IT and don’t point at us when people criticize your stupidity, we are nothing alike. We advocate for change within the Muslim community to make it safer for those of us who disagree with the religious ideology, you advocate for hatred and discrimination of a group of people because you refuse to acknowledge they have the power to change their ways.