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Liberals Need To Start Being Liberals

maajidAs an atheist, I hold this opinion that religious people are irrational at best and delusional at worse about their relationship with a sky wizard and if I didn’t I would be lying to you and to myself.

In fact, I think one of the prerequisites of being atheist is the opinion that a belief in an invisible sky wizard is, irrational at best and delusional at worse… dangerous even at its worst

HOWEVER, You must not apply this train of thought to Muslims.
Because doing so makes you a right wing bigot, why?
Because Christians, I know it doesn’t make sense but criticizing of Christians is what the left does and criticizing muslims is what the right does, apparently.

Well, that’s bullshit.
I make it no secret that I am huge Maajid Nawaz fan.
If he cooked me dinner and it tasted horrible and rancid, I would lie to him with a straight face and tell him hes Gordon sodding Ramsey but the one thing I will not do, is agree with him that Islam is the one true religion.
Or any religion to be true, and I would say to his face Maajid Nawaz​ your belief in Islam is irrational!! There is simply no viable credible evidence for your belief and its delusional!

And he would probably try to tell me why he does believe, explain why its not at all irrational or delusional to have faith in his brand of Sky wizardry to which I would simply have to decline as works of fiction and anecdotal experience doesn’t count as evidence for me.

But it’s his right to believe, I won’t deny that just like he wont deny me for having the opinion I hold for his beliefs, I’m sure he has his own opinions about atheists and hes entitled to those but as much as I think his beliefs are irrational, I respect the man for what he does.

He does amazing work reforming the mindset that Muslims hold, by informing them that they are the ones who shape their lives and the religion by deterring vulnerable Muslims from becoming radicalized and preaching that Islam needs to be a personal belief and not a political tool

So on a religious level, I would strongly disagree with Maajid, criticize him even mock him for his beliefs but on a liberal / libertarian level, the man is leagues above so many people.

And this is for you regressive people, who try to tell me to not hold an opinion on muslims being irrational for their belief, sod off. Even when Islam becomes what Maajid and many people envision it to be, a personal belief, my opinion of people holding this belief will still remain, they’re irrational at best and delusional at worse.

The fact that you are unable to understand that people have many facets to their personalities speaks volumes about your own narrow minded views instead choose to polarize people like me for taking issue with a religion as racist bigots.

I’m an ex-muslim, I disagree with Islamic doctrines/teachings and I’m vocal about it, so get used to it and start adjusting your world view to make space for people like me, people who left Islam and stop telling us to respect it because if we did, we’d be Muslims still.

Ideas are not above criticism, scrutiny or mockery.
And neither are people.