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Understanding Muhammad [download]
By: Ali Sina

Let us begin with Muhammad’s story. Let us examine his life. Who was he and what was his thinking? In this chapter we will briefly go through the salient points in the life of a man, whom over a billion people literally worship.

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Memahami Muhammad  [download]
Oleh: Ali Sina

Marilah kita muai dengan kisah Muhammad. Siapakah dia dan apa yang difikirkannya? Di bab ini dengan singkat akan dijabarkan kejadian-kejadian penting dalam hidupnya…..





Quran in chronological order [download]

Most versions of the Qur’an are printed in the order of the longest Surah to the shortest. If you want to read the Qur’an in the chronological order print out this booklet and put it into your Qur’an for quick reference.