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Why Ex-Muslims Remain Closeted

killchildren3The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

Translation: A Muslim is allowed to kill a person who leaves the religion of Islam… and this punishment is also allowed for their own children.

This quote was from the same person who posted the picture, inside the picture’s comment section.

Now obviously “not all” muslim parents will go through with killing their own children but when Muslim parents (yes this is a Muslim parent) callously say such things, is it a surprise to you why many Ex-Muslims remain closeted?

Sorry, Muslims but in the grand scale of things your customs and traditions are already accepted by many outside cultures, the discrimination by those few xenophobes is nothing compared to the fear and discrimination faced towards ex-Muslims by members of your community and if people are weary of you for being Muslims, it’s because of people like these.

There is a problem within the Muslim community, fundamentalism is on the rise and you need to stop pretending that it doesn’t exist in order to tackle it and become a more inclusive, accepting and tolerant community.

Inclusive, accepting and tolerant not just of Ex-Muslims like us but towards the LGBT Muslims and Muslimas who choose not to wear the Hijab or any form of head coverings.

So ask yourselves.
Would a Mother and Child be so willing as to pose for a photo saying
“My Mother is a Muslim” and “My Child is an ex-Muslim”.