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Hijab Hijinks Singapore

Nothing has caused quite a divide in the Muslim and non Muslim worlds than the issue of the hijab. Within the Muslim community itself, opinions are vastly divided. Some Muslims see this article of clothing as a symbol of religious oppression on women and that all Muslim women need to take a

Zakir Naik Clears The Air On Sex With Female Slaves In Islam Zakir Naik is annoying. Not just because he's poisoning the minds of young impressionable children and is a terrorist supporter. But because he wears goofy sized suits. Like seriously couldn't one of his handlers take him to a tailor and have them make better fitting suit for him with pants that go past

An Increasing Number of Singaporean Muslims Are Leaving Islam

In recent months, Singapore has seen an increasing number of Muslims leave Islam. Most of those leaving Islam consider themselves "closet" ex-Muslims. Two Facebook pages run by this community, namely Singapore Ex-Muslim Confessions and Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore - CEMS have seen a surge in their following. A  Facebook group that has been