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An Increasing Number of Singaporean Muslims Are Leaving Islam

In recent months, Singapore has seen an increasing number of Muslims leave Islam. Most of those leaving Islam consider themselves “closet” ex-Muslims. Two Facebook pages run by this community, namely Singapore Ex-Muslim Confessions and Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore – CEMS have seen a surge in their following. A  Facebook group that has been set up to allow ex-Muslims to band together has seen a sharp rise in its membership numbers in recent months.

The admins of the Facebook groups mention that on average, they receive about 2-3  queries every fortnight on how to leave Islam.

Muslims who are considering leaving Islam face the possibility of being ostracised by their immediate social circles upon leaving their religion.  Some are disowned for having different religious views.

Some leave Islam to be agnostics, atheists and/or humanists while some others switch to other religions like Christianity or Buddhism.

The reasons cited vary from individual to individual. They range from physical abuse, over-religious parenting and molest, to irreconcilable differences with humanistic values.


In the eyes of the law, these “closet” Ex-Muslims are officially still Muslims. Most of them also prefer to remain anonymous, citing reasons such as persecution by Muslims as a main reason. It is generally understood that under all main schools of thought in Islam, the penalty for leaving Islam is death. However, in Singapore, freedom of religion ensures that such a law is not implemented.

Some ex-Muslims consider themselves cultural Muslims, where the individual does not abide by the main pillars of Islam but still practices Islamic customs and rituals such as Hari Raya or attending Kenduris.

Some of those leaving Islam, were actually pious Muslims themselves. “I have learnt about the religion and have found so many things that I just cannot agree with myself. For example, oppression of women is explicitly stated on so many accounts in the Quran and the hadith” says an ex-Muslim who prefers not to be named.

Being the only one among religious and pious family members and friends can be a very isolating experience for “closet” ex-Muslims. However, ex-Muslims now have an online group where they can connect with other ex-Muslims “I used to think I was the only one who thought this way until I stumbled upon the Facebook page and Facebook group. ”

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  • Zainal Bin Mahmood Zainal Mahm

    Allah is God. God is Allah. God Allah appoints all prophets of God from Adam, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and the final prophet Muhammad with the final revelation as revealed in the Quran. Hadiths reveals the authenticity of the Quran and Muhammad as the final prophet of God. There is non worthy of worthy except Allah. When the truth is rejected why accept falsehood which leads you to astray to the way of satan and bring you to hell. Is this the path chosen by murtad?

    • Jiggs

      You don’t know that Mo will be the last profit. Jesus was not a prophet, he is the “Son” of God. There revelations around us all, all of the time. There is no end to what science will reveal. There is none worth worshiping. Get a job. It seems you might be easily led to hell for some reason. Good luck with that, there is no “hell”. Please read “Common Sense”

    • Ghenghis

      Muhammad is a mass murderer, rapist and pedophile, slave dealer and pimp and looter, liar, deceiver and cult leader. You are the victim of a cult. islam is the biggest hoax of mankind and the biggest threat to civilization.

  • Zainal Bin Mahmood Zainal Mahm

    Sorry, there is none worthy of worship except Allah.

    • rohit.k

      But alla means god and every riligion has god. Are you dumb?

    • Jiggs

      There is no star man. All of the bIG 3 are moronic and based on hearsay from one human who says god talked to him. Really ? It is all a bunch of old Jewish stories from the desert. It’s all old war stories mixed with magic and the supernatural. Then the most famous Jewish guy, Jesus carried on and rejected the old order, they had the Romans kill the guy (they say), and he rose up and etc. Then the desert rat comes along and hijacks bits and pieces of the bible and adds himself in as talking to god via an angle. Of course they also sadly in a way, that he is the final profit, his book exactly perfect, and his rantings and ravings about killing everyone and all the the foul stuff, the final word of god? I really doubt this. Remember god gave you rational thought not religion. (TP)