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Founded in 2012, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore is a non-profit organization existing to provide support, resources, legal aid, refuge, and outreach especially for former Muslims, Muslims who are leaving Islam, and non-Muslims struggling with situations that pertain with Islamic laws and culture in Singapore.

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore is an answer to the silent cries of the persecuted ex-Muslims individuals and families living in fear, all alone, being constantly intimidated by parties that seek to jeopardize their life, safety, freedom. We seek to exist peacefully as a support organization to associate with other ex-Muslimss and their friends, reach out and provide aid and resources for affected families and individuals who are in need of aid and assistance.

As a peaceful organization, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore seeks to uphold the Singapore Constitution and abide every law that protects the interest of safety and peaceful order in Singapore. As an association for a minority group in Singapore, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore seeks to inform and educate ex-Muslims about their constitutional rights, which is inclusive to their right of safety in Singapore.

Every ex-Muslim in Singapore deserves to be safe. Most importantly an ex-Muslim must feel safe and know that he/she is safe from threats, intimidation, and even from bullying if he/she is embracing another religious identity or is departing from his/her current religion. The Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore offers support to every individual in need of help in Singapore for a safe passage to leave Islam safely and legally, in harmony with the constitution and laws of Singapore. We also provide support to Muslims who are in the process of departing from the Islamic faith. Further we extend our support to our non-Muslim friends who are in need of support for situations or circumstances that they struggle with in Singapore with regard to the Islamic laws, culture, and legal standing, for example prospective domestic legal partner to a Singaporean Muslim or a non-Muslim in an interfaith relationship with a Muslim.

Leaving Islam in Singapore is not easy but it does not have to be complicated and it certainly is not impossible. Ex-Muslims in reality face many struggles and challenges when it comes to leaving Islam due to the legal ties between Islamic institutions and Singaporean laws. However, here at the Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore it is an important mission for us as an organization that former Muslims, prospective ex-Muslims, and other affected individuals know that they have the right to have a legal representative and receive the legal help that they need in order to overcome their struggles and challenges.