Why are PERGAS and Jamiyah against the repeal of Section 377A in Singapore?

Statement by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Singapore Why are PERGAS and Jamiyah against the repeal of Section 377A in Singapore? On 19th and 24th September 2018 respectively, the Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) and Jamiyah Singapore issued media statements expressing that the organisations do not support the repeal

Jumping over religion – Adventures of Fat Boy and Demon Girl

Maintaining a healthy relationship is already a challenge in itself, especially if both individuals have different religious beliefs. Being raised in a Malay Muslim family, my mum would always say, “You better make sure your future wife is small sized, slim, obedient and must be from a Madrasah!” She would remind me,

New Year 2018

2017 was a year full of momentous occasions and numerous 'firsts' for CEMSG. Particularly, we got out there and collaborated on our first give-back to society event with HPHP where we brought elderly folks out on a trip to Sentosa. We formed connections and alliances with other associations, participated in our


I have never been religious, and I was not brought up in a strict family where I was forced to pray or put on the hijab. Since my parents were not religious too, they made up for it by sending me to weekly Madrasah and that was when I started


Join notable free-thinkers from around the world for a weekend of discussions and debates on freedom of conscience and expression in the 21st century at a spectacular venue in central London during 22-23 July 2017. On 24 July, an activist strategy meeting will be followed by body-painting in support of

Officially an Ex-Muslim in Singapore

I am now officially an Ex-Muslim in Singapore. But I still cannot shake off the ludicrousness of having to pay $20 dollars for this piece of paper, maybe I'm just kiasu like that but I believe if there is some kind of organization for Muslims that they should be the ones

Why Ex-Muslims Remain Closeted

The hypocrisy is strong in this one. Translation: A Muslim is allowed to kill a person who leaves the religion of Islam... and this punishment is also allowed for their own children. This quote was from the same person who posted the picture, inside the picture's comment section. Now obviously "not all" muslim