Officially an Ex-Muslim in Singapore

I am now officially an Ex-Muslim in Singapore. But I still cannot shake off the ludicrousness of having to pay $20 dollars for this piece of paper, maybe I'm just kiasu like that but I believe if there is some kind of organization for Muslims that they should be the ones

Why Ex-Muslims Remain Closeted

The hypocrisy is strong in this one. Translation: A Muslim is allowed to kill a person who leaves the religion of Islam... and this punishment is also allowed for their own children. This quote was from the same person who posted the picture, inside the picture's comment section. Now obviously "not all" muslim

Islameme: The Opiate of the Unitiated

Islameme: Contraction of 2 words, Islam; A middle eastern religion based on the Abrahamic ones followed by Muslims. Meme: An idea that spreads rapidly through a culture. An Islameme is an idea that rapidly spreads through a culture, but often is a half truth or has no basis in Islam or reality. We've all


I haven't been close to my family since I became irreligious, it wasn't really a problem for me because I had really good amazing friends who weren't judgmental. And that I've been a pariah to my mom's side since I was a kid coz of the mix blood. The only time this

Dear “Moderate” Muslims

Dear Moderate Muslims, About ISIS and Islamism. You don't have to speak out against them, it's fine. You can choose to remain silent, that is after all a part of free speech. You don't have to mourn for the dead in Paris. You don't have to join us and condemn Islamic Terrorists. You don't have to

#ExMuslimBecause Goes Live On Twitter. Ex-Muslims Around The World Share Their Reasons.

Ex-Muslims around the world have come together with a hashtag #ExMuslimBecause on Twitter to share some of the reasons why they have left the faith. Various reasons were cited ranging from being deprived of eating pork, being deprived from eating during Ramadhan to Prophet Muhammad’s choosing to ban alcohol instead of